week 0

Weekly ScheduleAugust 16–18
(Day) (Class) 上课 (Homework) 作业
Wednesday Tell who you are in Chinese in Teams; introducing characteristics of the Chinese language; read Textbook pp. 1-17;  listen to exercises ABCDE, and F on pp.1-5 in Workbook; tutoring hour with Weng laoshi;
Thursday No Class Do pinyin quiz in Moodle; tutoring hour with Weng laoshi
Friday Turn in homework; do pinyin drills one, two, three and four; practice on Google the classroom expressions; write your name and nationality in Teams; counting numbers tutoring hour with Weng laoshi; Go over again Workbook exercises B,  (p.7) initials and finals, (p.8) tones, (p.8) compound finals, (p.9) and finals and tones (p.9); when you are ready, do pinyin quiz in Moodle;