September 5 — 9
Monday Introduce Lesson One Dialogue II on pp. 27-34 of TXBK;  lesson One grammar-PP; Practice with 张老师 lesson One grammar-PP
Tuesday introduce lesson I listening exercises and reading exercises on WKBK pp. 15-27; do exercise; practice Skit I; Do listening comprehension quiz and reading comprehension quiz in Moodle;
Wednesday Turn in homework; introduce Lesson II Dialogue I;  practice Skit II practice with 张老师 Skit I;Write by hand the 10 sentences of “lesson one grammar exercise“;
Thursday No Class; Copy “Lesson Two characters” from pp.23-26 of Character WKBK;
Friday Introduce grammar on p.45-49 of TXBK and Lesson II Dialogue II and grammar on p.50-59 of TXBK; introduce Lesson Two Grammar;  recite Skit II; practice with 张老师 Skit II;copy Lesson Two characters from pp. 33-36 of Character WKBK; print out and do quiz on Lesson Two Dialogue I“;