Class activity Homework assignment
Monday星期一 交作业;  take quiz on Lesson Two Dialogue I“; introduce Lesson Two Grammar练习(rehearse)  Skit two; 3-4pm和翁老师练习skits II; listen to Lesson II Listening Comprehension exercises  (on pp. 29, 35-37 in WKBK) and take quiz;
Tuesday星期二 交作业; introduce Reading Comprehension exercises on pp 30-31, 37-38 in wkbk; quiz on Lesson Two dialogue II; practice Skit two; Take quiz on Reading Comprehension exercises;
Wednesday星期三 交作业; go over writing and grammar on wkbk pp.32-34; and pp.39-42 on homework sheets; writing system subverted;
3-4pm和翁老师做Lesson II self-test and turn it as homework;
Thursday星期四 不上课; 抄写characters of Lesson III in Character WKBK pp.37-47; 
Friday星期五 交作业;  quiz on Reading exercises perform and write Skit two; introduce new words of Lesson III; 3-4pm和翁老师学习new words of Lesson III; write full sentences in blue from the new vocab on homework sheets;