August 21 — 25
(Day) (Class) 上课 (Homework) 作业
Monday Turn in homework; practice  drills one, two, three and four; learn classroom  expressions and ask questions in Teams; Take (1) first pinyin; (2) second pinyin and (3) third pinyin quizzes; Practice ZCS-ZhChSh with Weng laoshi (3-4pm Kauke Commons);
Tuesday Turn in homework; practice tongue twister; Integrated Chinese WKBK (Workbook) pp.6-14 exercises and txbk pp.3-17; Practice fourth pinyin exercise; fifth pinyin exercise and sixth pinyin exercise;
Wednesday in-class pinyin quiz; introduce the History of Chinese writing system; writing system subverted; written language; Take Moodle pinyin quiz on tones and quiz on initials; Practice tongue twister with Weng laoshi Weng laoshi (3-4pm Kauke Commons);;
Thursday No class;  Copy 抄写 characters in pp. 17-22 of Character WKBK; or the texts twice; 
Friday turn in homework; 介绍 Lesson I Dialogue I on pp.20-26 Copy 抄写 characters in pp. 17-22 of Character WKBK; read with Weng laoshi (3-4pm Kauke Commons) Lesson I Dialogue I; Do Moodle quiz